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Phillip and Caroline Smith


Jewelry Care:

901drift is handmade using driftwood from the Mississippi River and resin. Each pendant is considered one-of-a-kind wearable art from the color being hand mixed, to the shape being hand formed and to each unique piece of driftwood, so they will all vary slightly.

901drift is created by Caroline and Phillip Smith and has a limited guarantee. Most of our chains are plated and driftwood is delicate so for best care please remove when showering, swimming, exercising, sleeping, cleaning and before applying any kind of personal body products that may come in contact. Please don't leave your jewelry in extreme heat, such as in your car in the summer. When not wearing your 901drift jewelry, please keep it stored in the little brown box which it came to keep it protected. Contact 901drift if you run into a problem with your piece that is not due to normal wear and tear. As with any fashion jewelry purchase, the consumer should be aware of any metal allergens.

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